Buckie Seafayre Ltd

y main supplier will be open from Monday 20th April providing me with FRESH fish again 🐟 so I will be starting on my normal, established round on Tuesday 21st however I do stop in the following places throughout the week if u would like fish and I don’t usually pass your door:-

Tues – Mid St, Keith 11.15am
Wed – Huntly square 11am-12pm
Thurs – Hopeman Golf club 1.30pm
Fri – outside Spey Larder 12pm

I will only be selling the following to start with and have set prices to avoid dealing with change. Please leave exact money in an envelope along WITH UR ORDER on ur doorstep in a box or the likes and I will just ring bell/knock to let u know it is there:-
All FRESH again not frozen
🐟 2 medium or 3 small haddock £5
🐟 2 med or 3 sm smoked haddock £5
🐟 2 salmon fillets £5
🐟 3 kippers £5
🐟 1 fillet hot smoked salmon £4
🐟 3 small or 2 medium lemon sole £5
🐟 tray of 20 eggs £4

No bakery for the time being to eliminate change.

Under current regulations please observe social distancing and do not approach the van past barrier for everyone’s safety during this worrying times.

If you know any of my customers not on Facebook please pass this info on.

Thanks again and keep safe!


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