Updated guidance for those shielding

🛡 Updated guidance for those shielding

⚠️ People who have been advised to shield because of Covid-19 no longer need to after 1 August.

✉️ Those affected will receive a letter from the Chief Medical Officer giving updated guidance.

✅ Advice for those with specific conditions has been made available, guidance will be issued to support people returning to work and to schools, and information will be published on how to do various day-to-day activities safely.

📅 From 1 August, those who have been shielding will be asked to follow general safety guidance, as well as follow stringent physical distancing and hygiene measures.

➡️ You can read the latest guidance on shielding on the link below 👇.

☎️ Questions about shielding support can be answered on the free national helpline number on 0800 111 4000.

🛒 Weekly grocery box deliveries will continue until the end of July for those already signed up – priority access to supermarket delivery slots will also continue for those who have signed up before 31 July.

📱 People can join a SMS Shielding Service by sending a text from their mobile phones to 0786 006 4525.

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scottish Government is developing a Covid-19 forecasting service which allows people who have been shielding to sign up to an SMS update that tells them about their risk of being exposed to Covid-19 in their local area

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