01343 835995

MONDAY – SATURDAY : 9am – 7pm
SUNDAYS : 9am – 5pm

We will continue to take your orders during the day for collections and next day deliveries, with the exception for Sunday where there will be no deliveries (thus orders taken on Saturday will be delivered on Monday)

We will also close the door during the time when we are receiving our big deliveries. We shall give you a shout as and when we receive confirmation of deliveries due to constant changes made by our supplier to accommodate the current needs.

We hope that by doing these, we can serve you in a safest way possible.

We thank you all for your patience while we try to work out what’s best for everybody.


If you or your loved ones are facing difficulties finding some of the essentials, feel free to message us on Facebook, ring 835995 or drop in to the shop. We will do all we can to search from our suppliers and deliver to you if needed.

As our delivery operation grows we will attempt to carry out 2 groups of deliveries each day.

Orders placed before 12 noon will be delivered during the afternoon. Orders placed after 12 noon will be delivered in the morning of the following day.

Payment can be made using contactless machines at your door (of course we will maintain the two meter rule), or we can open an account for you.

Orders can be placed using the phone numbers shown in “Nae Excuse” or by sending us a message through our Facebook site. We may open a dedicated email address and of course will keep people informed if/when this happens.

Where particular products aren’t available, we will make suitable substitutions.