The Helpline phone number is: 07708 178299
We have now set up a dedicated HCA Helpline. The phone will be manned by a duty officer and the service will start this Friday (26 March).
When will it operate? – daily, from 10am to 5pm
For whom? – the Helpline is intended for people in any of the 3 categories on the front page.
For what? – you can use it where you are not able to leave home and you need essential items which are not available for delivery by the local shops (specific foods, household essentials, etc); also for collection of an urgent prescription or where an essential household appliance has broken and you need a replacement (eg heater, kettle, etc) (please do try calling local shops first even if not a regular customer)
How will it work? – the duty officer will be supported by a team of volunteers who will respond to the call and try to get what you need as soon as possible; they will explain the process for safe delivery and payment.

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