It is with deep regret, and, having weighed up the current situation regarding COVID 19 and the real risk of social distancing affecting our community plans for the foreseeable future, that we have to announce that we have taken the decision to cancel the Hopeman 2020 gala week 18-25th JULY. We appreciate that there still appears to be time enough for the current crisis to pass and still hold the published dates but this is at great risk. We must assume that public events such as ours will continue to be banned throughout the summer months.

We hope that everyone appreciates the level of commitment that is required months in advance for the gala, both administratively and financially. To continue to spend on securing services and entertainment for such an ‘at risk’ event would not be in the interests of the community.

For 2020 we had already taken the decision to exclude the flower and craft show from the programme and hold it later in the year. This was at the request of a great number of residents who felt it better timed for garden produce entries. With that in mind, we are now going to actively plan a ‘mini gala’ sometime towards the end of August or the start of September to include this event, a fete and an evening of entertainment to allow us all to gather and enjoy the company that we will all undoubtedly have missed and longed for in the preceding months.

Any monies already paid to us will be refunded in full and the committee member responsible for the particular event will be in touch in due course.

We would like to thank you all for your support in the last few months, your encouragement and offers of help. This decision has not been taken lightly but we hope to be able to bring you everything that Hopeman Gala should be, later in the year.

Please stay safe in the coming weeks and months and respect each other’s views and opinions. Were all affected differently. We haven’t been here before and hopefully never will be again. Watch out for Community Association help and guidance.

Many Thanks

Hopeman Gala Committee 2020