Weekly Round-Up 8th May

Weekly Round-Up
The Scottish Government has published its first document about transitioning out of current lockdown.
<www.gov.scot/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-framework-decision-m aking-further-information/?fbclid=IwAR3ZItTM1XJ3cnM6_59D5qPNDT-rsKTu0-uzLpab elvWqOp-KPG1_YakXb0> www.gov.scot/./coronavirus-covid-19-framework-dec./.
The Scottish Government has announced If you’re 65+ or need to leave home for work, and are showing symptoms of coronavirus, you and your household can now self-refer for testing.
There has been a 10% rise in fraud during the lockdown period, please be vigilant and make yourself aware of ways you can help prevent fraud. Also please look out for vulnerable loved ones to make sure that they are not getting taken advantage of. takefive-stopfraud.org.uk/
NHS Grampian Chief Executive Professor Amanda Croft, has written an open letter to the children of health & social care staff across Grampian.
Dial a bus is still operating if people need to access Lossie Doctors Surgery 0300 123 4565 / 0300 123 4565
Health and Social Care Moray has shared a list of pharmacies open on the Public Holiday Friday 8th May. Please consider contacting a pharmacy before calling NHS24 as many ailments do not require you to see a GP.
The Moray Mental Health and Wellness Centre has shared a reminder that we all need to be looking after our own mental health.
The British Board of Film Classification is asking parents to be vigilant about what their children are watching during the lockdown as many are being exposed to harmful and inappropriate content online during this time. They are also suggesting that children and families use their rate the trailer tool to learn more about the film classification system. www.bbfc.co.uk/./half-children-and-teens-exposed-ha. www.cbbfc.co.uk/rate-trailer.
Moray Youth Works now has a Facebook page to help them reach the youth in Moray. They will be hosting a Bants and Rants online session for the Lossiemouth area next Wednesday at 19:00. www.facebook.com/Morayyouthwork/

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