Food fund cash available for families.

Food fund cash available for families.
People who are facing financial hardship can get help with paying for food during the coronavirus crisis.
Money is being provided to councils by the Scottish Government and the European Social Fund through the Flexible Food Fund to support families in Moray.
Cash will be available monthly based on the number of adults and children in the household, initially for May and June.
Entitlement is based on individual household circumstances and is part of a wider package of support provided by Money Advice Moray, such as:
Ensuring households get all the benefit income they are entitled to. Support with budgeting income and outgoings. Help with bills and debts e.g. negotiating reduced payments with creditors on your behalf. Help to appeal benefit decisions To access this support applicants should telephone 0300 123 4563.
newsroom.moray.gov.uk/news/food-fund-cash-available-for-families?fbc lid=IwAR0Pe47YbiBKKUZ2rYhjrYbIaexVV7hkQs1qHmXrDhIDS2-9TtslMhkgr4k

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