Government shielding list

Just a wee reminder that if you have had a letter to say you are on the government shielding list, that is if you have been described as clinically vulnerable, you need to actually apply for your free food parcel. You can do this by texting 07860 064525. You can also get a priority supermarket home delivery slot. If you have not heard about your shielding package yet, please contact 0800 111 4000 In the meantime, nobody should be going without food or vital medicines. Please get in touch with us for immediate assistance over the weekend. If you know of anyone having difficulty accessing their package please let us know. Thank you

www.gov.scot/publications/covid-shielding/pages/food-and-essential-s upplies/?fbclid=IwAR3JAGn8lNAlJQwU-riIEvaDiiYgIMbTeYCrSt2pMdIG2-FYUwmCvaUckq 8