Village Matters & Concerns

Village Matters & Concerns
HCA has received a number of messages over the last week expressing concerns and objections to things happening within the village. These include views regarding social behaviour, trading activities and traffic congestion. We have also been involved with the Police on incidents which have been reported directly to them by members of the public. Our response has been as follows:
– issues relating to either anti-social behaviour or perceived non-compliance with government guidelines are a Police matter; the HCA has no right to try and enforce anything but we have worked with the police on matters reported to them
– what local businesses can or cannot do depends on government restrictions, as well as more specific permissions granted by Moray Council; specific questions raised about the Bootlegger Bothy have been referred to and addressed by the Environmental Health Department which has confirmed that currently, trading activities are compliant with the relevant regulations and guidelines
– regarding traffic congestion, we are equally concerned about the apparent influx of visitors last weekend and the associated congestion, parking, litter and toileting issues which that brings; we have spoken to the Police about this and have requested a Police presence in the village this weekend
As we approach another weekend, with additional activity around the harbour as well as a planned funeral, our advice is that anyone who has concerns about trading matters should raise this with Moray Council, while anti-social behaviour or cases of congestion due to inappropriate travel should be referred to the Police. Both groups have the local context and should be able to understand and respond.

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